eurobarometer 0.0.9

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Added canonical_names() to create a subjective canonical name for GESIS variables.

eurobarometer 0.1.0

  • The gesis_vocabulary_create() helper function is added to make variable label and value label harmonization easier.
  • New vignette(vocabulary) is developed as a working article to start creating meaningful metadata files. This is at this stage intended for contributors. See Working With Vocabularies.

eurobarometer 0.1.1

  • The Harmonizing Variable Names vignette/article started for an early standardization of variable names. Thanks for the contribution from Marta.
  • In the future, canonical_names() may be renamed, and it may receive a new functionality.
  • The gesis_vocabulary_create() and The gesis_metadata_create() have better variable names. The normalize_names() function is renamed to label_normalize().
  • Internal function is renamed to class_suggest() from suggest_conversion().
  • The Workflow vignette is open for consultation.

eurobarometer 0.1.2

  • label_normalize() has unit tests, new documentation, and the inputs parameters are synchronized with the other variable name conventions (in metadata). Open question: what to do with non-standard latin characters? [To be resolved in 0.1.3].
  • canonical_names() is renamed to label_suggest() and has unit tests.
  • naming functions is renamed to labelling functions with the British spelling.
  • Three new Eurobarometer sample files to be used in vignettes and unit testing: ZA7489_sample, ZA7576_sample, ZA7562_sample. These samples contain countries that require special attention (DE, GB, CY, MK), some metadata, some demograpy variables, some trending (trust) variables and some ad hoc variables.
  • read_example_file() is a simple wrapper around utils::data() to mimick the data importing workflow with haven::read_spss() or other importing functions in vignette examples and unit tests.
  • panel_create() creates a skeleton panel with a unique panel id made of selected ID variables, such as the individually unique case ID and the doi of the survey.
  • gesis_metadata_create() can now take either a list of surveys, or a single survey data frame as an input, and returns the filename in a column. Two new columns, the filename and the suggested question block is added to the metadata (see Workflow)
  • gesis_metadata_create() is replaced with the more generic read_surveys().
  • Started continuous integration on Travis-CI.

eurobarometer 0.1.3

  • id_create tests unicity and panel_create() is a wrapper around it.

eurobarometer 0.1.4

eurobarometer 0.1.5

eurobarometer 0.1.6

  • Definition of new class with the constructor eurobarometer_labelled()

eurobarometer 0.1.7

  • Preliminary analysis of the vocabulary of 97 SPSS files (corresponding to 97 Eurobarometer waves): standardization of spelling of common (and often abbreviated) words in variable labels, tokenization of variable labels, creation of a doc-term matrix for variable labels, creation of preliminary standardized variable names.

eurobarometer 0.1.8

  • Serveral functions were deprecated: concatenate, unique_id_create, harmonize_to_numeric, eurobarometer_labelled and the workflow vignette and the NUTS1 and NUTS2 vocabulary files.

eurobarometer 0.1.10

Fully harmonized with retroharmonize 0.1.1.